Megan (pronounced Meeegan) is a playwright born and raised in the ‘burbs of New York City. Her first plays were performed by her cousins at family birthday parties.

Since then, she earned her MFA in Writing for the Screen + Stage at Northwestern University where she studied with Thomas Bradshaw.

Her work has been produced/developed with Ensemble Studio Theatre, The New Group, The Flea Theater, Rule of 7x7, Two Headed Rep, UglyRhino, Garner Arts and Fearless New Play Festival. She is a proud member of EST/Youngblood.

Megan is also a standup comedian. She was a finalist in the 2016 Hudson Valley Comedy Competition and performs regularly throughout New York.



Art Therapy - Soon-to-be college freshman, Maeve, is starting a job at the local ice cream stand. She's stuck being trained by the owner Paul, a frustrated guy who happens to be her unreliable boyfriend's father as well a habitual drug user. Bonding over their mutual desire to rebel against their circumstances, they come up with an ingenious, but dangerous version of "art therapy" to break them out of their rut.

  • The New Group No Limits - December 8, 2016

Good Fortune - Eighteen years ago, Julie came up with the perfect plan: adopt an Asian baby so someone will always be there to take care of her. After all, Asian culture is all about honoring elders. Unbeknownst to Julie, her adopted daughter, Mei-Ling, has a different plan. Julie realizes the only way to solve the problem is to evoke Mei-Ling’s ethnic roots. 

  • The New Group No Limits - June 11, 2019

  • EST/Youngblood Bloodworks - May 8, 2019